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This is too important for me not to mention.
This “Christian” child-rearing manual has led to at least three known deaths through child-abuse.
The book states: "Give 10 licks at a time, more if the child resists. Be careful about using it in front of others — even at church; nosy neighbors might call social workers."
This is literally a how-to manual on how to abuse and beat your children.
Sign this petition to have Amazon stop selling this hideous thing.


OH MY GOD.  Okay stop scrolling and look at me.  My mother actually used this book.  I am a victim of this piece of literary evil, and let me tell you, it has left me with some seriously deep scars.  It got to the point that  my brother and I couldn’t even laugh.  Laughter was considered “foolishness” and we would literally be struck ten times for it if she heard it.  Let me reiterate that. 
We could not enjoy ourselves or even be happy without being beaten.
One of the “Christian” cult families introduced this to her and yes, it is basically condoning serious child abuse.  I actually personally believe in corporal punishment and let me tell you, THIS IS NOT CORPORAL PUNISHMENT.  It is heavy abuse and it’s evil, evil, evil.  I’m going to go sign that petition, and so help me, if you know of someone using this book, call Child Protective services immediately.  The children of that cult family are now actually being rehabilitated because they grew up like robots.  It’s a sick fucking book, okay? Sick.  Let’s get this thing banned before it ruins anymore lives. 
I am the way I am today because of this hideous thing.  I cry every time someone even gently reprimands me.  I’m afraid of cutting up in public because I think someone is going to hit me.  Worst of all: It taught me to tolerate abuse, that I deserved abuse, and that if someone abused me, I was clearly in the wrong.  I can’t possibly begin to tell you how dangerous it has been for me.  Thanks to people around me who were raised right, I am only now starting to learn to stand up for myself and that, no, I am not an idiot who deserves verbal, physical, emotional, or mental abuse.  I am not just a child who will forever be subject to her power-hungry mother.  
Most of all…  Children are not animals.  And really, who the fuck even treats an animal like that???  Please, if you reblog one thing from me, please let it be this.  I don’t want anyone else to go through what I did.